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Ep 12: How Would You Define “Company Culture” to a 5-Year-Old?

We interviewed 20 HR pros at Utah’s largest HR conference and asked them one question: “How would you define company culture to a 5-year-old?” See what they had to say.

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Here were some of our favorite answers to the question: “How would you define “Company Culture” to a 5-year-old?”

“It’s like when you’re with your friends and everybody has HotWheels, you want to make sure everybody else has HotWheels too so you can play together.”

“When you walk in the door, how do you feel you belong? If you walk in the door and you want to play, that’s a good company culture. But if you don’t want to play, and you’re uncomfortable, that’s not a good company culture.”

“How good they make you feel in a classroom and how good you feel being in the group that you are in.”

“It’s the atmosphere. When you go to the circus, you see the bright lights and flashy things. Company culture is what makes you want to be there. It could also be when you walk into a haunted house and you think, ‘get me the heck out of here.”

“It’s the way you get to have your chicken nuggets and fries, the way you get to eat them, how you can or cannot share them.”

“The rules of the lego box. What you can and cannot do. And where you can and cannot take the legos to play with them.”

“It’s how people believe and act and do their job at work.”

“I love the biology definition of culture- conditions suitable for growth. Culture is like a plant. You need to have the right dirt, water, and sunlight. You need to have all these things in place for the plant and then it’s beautiful and everyone can enjoy it.”

“My mind first goes to playdough. Is the playdough cool, are we having fun? Or is it just mayhem where playdough is being eaten and thrown around. What’s the culture you want to be a part of? You might want to be in the culture where it’s being eaten and that’s okay. That’s a culture and that’s okay. It might be crazy or creative. Or do you want to be somewhere that’s more structured? Is that the kind of person you are? How do you want to play with your playdough?”

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