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Ep 27: What is the future of remote work?

In this episode of our “1-question and a joke” series, we traveled to Las Vegas Nevada where we interviewed HR pros and leaders attending the EPIC HR conference. We asked for opinions on the future remote work, and shared some classic #dadjokes.

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Here were some of our favorite answers to the question: “What is the future of remote work?"

“I don't think there is a whole lot of future in remote work. Maybe hybrid work, I think, is probably really the future of it. So it's going to transform from remote to more of a hybrid where you have engagement because you need that people to people, like touching and feeling engagement is critical. But also, you need to make sure you allow people the flexibility they need, as well as being able to do their work in space that's going to help them produce their best.”

“Well, I think it's I think it's definitely kind of going to continue growing and becoming kind of more, you know, companies are going to choose either to focus on that aspect of flexibility or they're not, and they're kind of going to divide into two sides. And I think a lot of the people who really value that, which is a majority of people, are going to gravitate naturally to those companies that do. And I think technology is going to keep improving to make it more and more similar in a lot of ways.  So a lot of the barriers that people say, you know, that it's harder to work and collaborate remotely, I think a lot of those barriers are going to start to come down a little bit more. And I think it's going to become more of an even exchange, but then I think companies might reconsider a little bit better, really focus on an office, and, you know, start kind of embracing it a little more.”

“Well, it'll still be here. It's always been with us. It's never not been here. Like, I think it's kind of funny when that pandemic happened and everyone went remote. It was like, this was the first time we've had to solve this problem. And being in larger companies that were globally placed, we had remote workers and we had the problems of remote work. I think the best thing about the pandemic is that we created technology to actually help improve that experience and almost create an equitable experience. What I think is sad is the way that we're thinking about returning to offices.”

“I think it’s going to be more flexible. There’s going to be more flexibility in the workplace, allowing employees to have that hybrid of coming into the office and having more flexibility with their families.” 

“In our organization we’re more than 50% millennials already, and Gen Z is starting to come in, and I think there’s going to be flexibility in the workforce that’s undeniable.”

“Maybe where you can be in a conference room with holograms. And it’s conferences and meetings with holograms.”

“I feel like the future of remote work is probably going to be more of a hybrid model. I know that remote work is certainly a challenge for some companies, and obviously, a lot of them are asking for them to come back to the office, but I feel like the should be the option of giving employees the option to work from home but also come to the office and be communal in their work ethic.”

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