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Ep 25: Beyond Glassdoor: How InHerSight is Revolutionizing Workplace Transparency for Women

Co-Founder and CEO of InHerSight, Ursula Mead, unveils the secrets to creating a woman-friendly workplace. Hear why she founded the female-focused employer review platform, how it is different from Glassdoor and research about what females want most from their employment in 2024.

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Guest Bio:

Ursula Mead is the Founder and CEO of InHerSight, the largest and most intersectional company reviews platform for women. Since the platform was founded in 2015, Ursula has been at the forefront of workplace equity work, ensuring InHerSight collects ratings across the metrics that reflect the priorities of professional women. Millions of job seekers leverage InHerSight’s data and content to find companies that align with their values and support their needs at different stages of their lives and careers.

Follow Ursula Mead on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ursulamead


Episode Highlights

Key Takeaways:

  • InHerSight is the world's largest platform for anonymous employee reviews with a focus on gender equity.
  • It allows women to assess potential employers based on metrics like work-life balance, advancement opportunities, and sense of belonging.
  • Companies can leverage InHerSight data to identify areas for improvement and create a more attractive work environment for female talent.
  • The platform is constantly evolving, adding new metrics like "employer responsiveness" to address emerging needs like #MeToo.

Women in the workforce finally have a powerful tool to navigate the often-challenging landscape of gender equity. InHerSight, a data-driven platform, empowers them to choose companies that prioritize their needs and well-being.

Finding the Right Fit: Unlike traditional job boards, InHerSight goes beyond basic job descriptions. It provides women with in-depth insights from current and past employees on various aspects of a company culture, including parental leave policies, flexibility options, and opportunities for advancement. This allows women to identify companies that align with their values and career goals.

Data-Driven Change:  InHerSight doesn't just provide information; it drives positive change. Companies can utilize the platform's rich data to understand their strengths and weaknesses regarding gender equity. This valuable feedback allows them to make data-driven decisions to improve employee satisfaction, attract top female talent, and foster a more inclusive work environment.

Learn more about InHerSight here: inhersight.com

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