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Ep 11: Meet your Hosts: Matt & Crista Vance

Hear why we started The Culture Profit, get to know your hosts, and make suggestions for the show.

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Our Goal

Crista Vance: No company is going to make changes that cost money if there isn't a clear ROI. Our goal with this podcast has been to create buy-in from companies to make employees’ lives better. That's the point of the topic that we're covering and, of course, it's been amazing meeting all of our guests. They have so much experience to draw from!

The Culture Profit Stats

Matt Vance: We're 10 episodes in. We have published to six podcast platforms. We've been posting on LinkedIn and Tiktok and have over 26,000 total listens and impressions. On YouTube alone, that's 2,000 listening hours.

Meet Matt

Tell me about one of the first indications you had growing up that you would become an entrepreneur.

Matt Vance: When I was really young, I asked my mom, “Can I buy a new toy?” And she said, “No.” It was just a random day and I really didn't need a toy. But according to my mom, I went to some neighbors’ houses and asked for cash donations for kids without toys. I brought that money home and showed my mom that I had some money to go buy a toy and she either had me give the money back, or we bought some toys and gave it away. That was the first indication.

Meet Crista

Who is your favorite tennis player on tour right now?

Crista Vance: Probably Carlos Alcaraz. I think he's so classy and he has the fighting spirit. He wants to win so bad and fights for every point but is classy when he loses as well which I think is really hard to balance. I think he's probably one of the most liked tennis players by other tennis professionals. I played tennis in high school and have kind of gotten back into it after a gap of raising our kids and renovating our house.

Feedback from Listeners

One Apple podcast review said: “This podcast is incredible. It talks about how treating people, coworkers, employees management, etc, with dignity, respect and care is the key to thriving as a business.”

Another listener messaged us and said: “Great episode, the key tie between marketing and was insightful. It's always a good day when I can learn something new.”

Matt Vance: We love your feedback! We welcome all of it, especially the critical feedback, since that is what helps us get better.

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Share your topic and guest suggestions

Crista Vance: What do you want to hear on the show? We know there are topics in human resources that we have not specifically covered. What questions do you have for us? 

You can share your thoughts, comments, and opinions. If you have any specific people you'd like to see on the show, we'd love recommendations. We're all ears.

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Meet the Hosts

Matt R. Vance

Host, The Culture Profit

Co-Founder & CEO, Mobrium

Author, The Review Cycle

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Crista Vance

Host, The Culture Profit

Co-Founder & COO, Mobrium

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